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This is a poem I wrote not too long ago about my relationship with Father God through Jesus. It’s in relation to the first 3 chapters of the book of Hosea in the Bible, where God’s endearing forgiveness and tenacious love is highlighted. It reflects on God likening our unfaithfulness in worship/love/obedience to a “prostitute” or “unfaithful wife”…how we sometimes turn our hearts away from Him to “love” or worship others despite all the wonderful things God set before us. Yet, He yearns to take us back and rebuild our relationship with Him to make it whole again and replace the pain with happiness. Please spend some time to read it…you will truly see God’s heart for you. I’ll include a few verses from it, and then my poem. I think it  (my poem) is pretty self-explanatory, therefore I hope you’ll enjoy the expression of love….

Hosea 2: 14-18

~Forgiven Tears~

The Lover who created me

Who seeks to attract me

I lie broken longing for you

Mistakes that have left me shattered

The trials that separated us

I run to Your open arms

You brought me to Your desert

Where your mercy springs and overflows

Taking your time to soothe

The many scars on my mind

And the wounds of my heart

Draw me in softly to your Voice

Holding me as you remind me

that to you I belong

I have my lamp ready

my oil’s burning for you

Love me always & brighten my face with your presence