Welcome to Equallyoked!

You’ve come to the right place for:

by arztsamui

  • Meditations on God’s Holy Word concerning Christ-centered love and relationships
  • Discussions on compatibility dynamics facing Christians in various forms of godly relationships
  • Sharing the journey many Christian singles endure balancing being a single servant of The Lord with a yearning heart
  • Uplifting and honoring the love and character of Jesus as we diligently seek suitable mates
  • Inspiring the church family to showcase the love of Christ to each other and the world
  • Understanding, appreciating, and cherishing the unique yet complementary character traits of godly men and women
  • Learning from the wisdom of enduring marriages to fortify the faith and hope of those who seek the same
  • Welcoming, comforting, and encouraging  those who have struggled with/survived being unequally yoked in their relationships
  • Enjoying an online forum where the love of Christ & His Word reign supreme & holy

It is my prayer that Equallyoked will be a blessing to you as I know it will be for me 🙂

~Blessings in Christ~


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