Insomnia 2012

How has your start to 2012 been? I pray that Our Great Lord is keeping you all in grace and peace. Unfortunately, I was met at the beginning of this secular year with a resistant bout of insomnia which hindered my ability to do my normal daily tasks, including posting, which has become dear to me. Actually, it is a bittersweet result of my slowly healing adrenals; it’s “sweet” because it is a sign of my adrenals building up & making a bit more of it’s own hormones (chiefly cortisol in this case), however “bitter” because it is overproducing cortisol at the wrong time of the “day” and makes it difficult to sleep.

Cortisol is an extremely important hormone involved with modulating responses to stress (whether physical or emotional stress, the body doesn’t know the difference) and affects all body systems from your immunity to your metabolism. In fact, it is the main hormone that is meant to “kick-in” to wake you up in the morning after your melatonin (sleep hormone) decreases as the morning sunlight begins. Cortisol helps to get your body ready and alert to face the day and is meant to gradually decrease as the evening rolls around so you can eventually sleep (melatonin then takes over during the night with other important hormones). However with Adrenal Fatigue (Insuffiency), at a certain stage, your adrenals that make cortisol can misread when to send out or when to stop sending out cortisol, therefore the body could be kept “awake” at night because cortisol still remains in high levels.

I used to think that I was truly “wired”, or programmed physiologically, as a “night owl”, since my most creative & mentally active time of day has been between 12-3 AM. However, since adrenal fatigued stepped in, those glands cannot maintain that schedule and is overcompensating with excessive cortisol. If you find you can’t fall asleep when your body is tired, if you fall asleep only to awaken and not fall back to sleep, or your sleep ends short with lingering exhaustion, you might want to check with your health care professional if other symptoms might lead to hormonal testing & diagnosis.

This was also important for me to mention, as it has implications for relationship/marriage stability. As I’ve mentioned before, there are several things that can interfere with how couples relate or understand each other, and a significant one is one’s health. This is where Jesus’ teaching to bear with each other and be kind is paramount, since it is possible emotional tension could be rooted in a physical imbalance, such as in adrenal fatigue. Your partner may be irritable, depressed, moody, anxious, tired,trite, etc. due to hormonal fluctuations, not simply because that’s “the way they are”. Their behaviors could be a mirror to a real physical turmoil from within that is crying out for help. Therefore, let’s be more patient with each other, and offer comfort with the understanding that other underlining issues can exist from health problems.

I praise Father God for sharing His infinite wisdom & for His Holy Word for guidance as I wade through this recovery process. Thank you all for your patience and continuing to follow & comment on my blog. I hope in God’s Will to respond & visit each of you, and will definitely continue posting.  I hope this post will be a blessing to others suffering with this condition. In our weakness, Christ is made strong!

God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Insomnia 2012

  1. Glad to see you’re feeling up to writing a post. If I’ve said it, once I’ve said it a dozen times just this past year to my wife, I have appreciated the fact that while she is not a “morning person” neither is she someone I feel like I have to walk on egg shells around in the morning. We attended a marriage enrichment workshop several years ago where we talked about the “crazy cycle” that can develop in a relationship…or the flip side (the energy cycle) these are just word pictures to describe how two individuals can either get on each others nerves and create tension in your marriage, or build each other up, resulting in a literal feeling of energy/ encouragement. Both my wife and I are believers…and we’ve experience both extremes…Marriage (and eventually parenting) is like being on a long distance trip on a never know quite what you’re going to encounter around the next bend…you get better the longer you paddle together, but you never get to the point where you can say you have it all figured out. About the time you think that is the case, God will sometimes allow something to blindside you.

  2. Hello again, my brother in Christ! Great to hear from you again and thanks for your well wishes…you are so right to point out how marriage is not a sprint race to a finish line and then you’re done…it is meant to be sustained and maintained over the long haul, with God’s help for the jerks & bumps in the road. Of course, there are certain “bumps” you can’t tolerate, such as abuse and infidelity, however some have still weathered even those issues under God’s mercy & healing. It inspires me to know of other Christian couples who have meandered through life and still love their spouse. I just wonder if that is something to hope for as a young Christian single in THIS day-and-age; does anyone even care to remain married for decades when so many don’t even care to get married in the first place?! What am I (and other Christian singles) truly facing out there in this crazy world?!…..

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