Blessings! I just wanted to share a new YouTube video I just made concerning how Christians themselves can be unequally yoked in love relationships. My hope  is that it will encourage others to look into what their hearts are join with and see if they are truly receiving God’s best for them.

This video is hot-off-the-presses, so please enjoy & be blessed! 😀


2 thoughts on “Vblog

  1. My wife and I will be married 33 yrs this coming April. I remember those years as a young single man, wanting to settle down and start a family. I was not a believer @ the time, although God was drawing me to himself through this very issue of singleness. I was totally fed up with the chaos of the “dating” scene, the deception, etc. and I cried out to him in the depths of my despair to help me…a month later, I met my future wife. Our relationship is as fresh and vibrant today as ever. I could write a book on the things God has taught us. I would compare it to white water rafting an uncharted river. There are seasons when things are relatively calm, and the next thing you know, you are in a #5 rapid, doing everything you can to keep your boat from getting capsized. My best to you as you navigate this season of your life. DM

    • Thank you very much for visiting my blog and sharing your experience when it was your single season! It really speaks to the heart of what I’m walking through myself and at this stage of life, there are times where I truly wonder if it could be possible to find an equally yoked mate to enjoy life with. I too have been more than frustrated with the way the world goes about dating and “hooking up” people, and when one really surrenders their life to the Lord, you are truly separated from many spiritually. As a woman of Christ, I can’t just “be” with any man out in the world…and with it being so close to Christ’s return, I have to be even more mindful of who I could possibly share my heart with. Who does a woman trust in these sinister days? It’s not easy, but I really appreciate you as a brother in Christ sharing how the experience of singleness can also affect Christian men. I’m happy to know that the Lord preserved you in your struggles to finally enjoy the love you share with your wife and that you held on during your single season. This gives me hope. I hope you will continue to visit and share your thoughts/insights as it is appreciated! God bless your marriage and family & have favor on you in these Last Days. 🙂

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